Giving Back

Compassionate Care-Giving – these are the foundation words that drive all business decisions made by BuddyBarber. These words define what brings me joy and drives my good work.  To quote from Compassion is Action, by Ram Das and Mirabai Bush:

“Compassion in action is paradoxical and mysterious. It is absolute yet continually changing. It accepts that everything is happening exactly as it should, and it works with a full-hearted commitment to change. It sets goals but knows that the process is all there is. It is joyful in the midst suffering and hopeful in the face of overwhelming odds. It is simple in a world of complexity and confusion… It shields in order to be strong. It intends to eliminate suffering, knowing that suffering is limitless. It is action arising from emptiness… It is done for others, but nurtures the self…”

BuddyBarber: In-Your-Home Pet Grooming has pledged to donate 5% of yearly profits to worthy animal care foundations.

For 2015,  we have pledged to financially support two wonderful Massachusetts animal support groups:
The Animal Rescue League of Boston
Gifford Cat Shelter

On July 20, 2015,  BuddyBarber contributed 5% of our 2014 profits, to the following two Massachusetts animal support groups:
The Cat Connection
Buddy Dog Humane Society

On March 1 2014,  BuddyBarber contributed 5% of our 2013 profits, to the following two Massachusetts animal support groups:
Pat Brody Shelter for Cats
Merwin Memorial Free Clinic for Animals

On March 1, 2013, BuddyBarber contributed 5% of our 1st full year profits to the following wonderful  organizations, in memory of my sister-in-law, Rebecca Ann Wladis, who loved animals deeply and was taken from us much too soon…
Forgotten Felines
The Pet Finder Foundation