You may view examples of my grooming work on my Testimonials page.

At BuddyBarber, I charge a simple fee structure of $50 per hour (rounded to the nearest quarter hour).
I have a $25 minimum.
With an hourly rate, I can charge you fairly, based on your individual pet’s coat and temperament.

I supply all grooming equipment, but require use of your tub (or sink for small dog) and your electrical power.

While I work with your pet, I utilize complementary Reiki energy calming techniques. If at all possible, I keep your dog calm on the table using my hands, without using a grooming bar/leash.

Services for Dogs:

Bath & Blow – using only hypoallergenic shampoo and ear protection wear to keep dogs calm
Stylish, neat pet cut
Furminating to remove undercoat for shedding dogs
Nail trimming
Anal gland expressing
Ear cleaning and plucking

For dogs with shedding hair, it is best if I can work in a small room that has a door – to minimize cleanup time.
I am happy to work outside for large dog clipper and blow dry work to reduce mess, if that works best in your home, and weather permits without discomfort to your dog..

Services for Cats

Regularly schedule nail trimming and brushing or furminating to remove shedding undercoat (typically every 6 weeks)
Spot mat removal
One time Lion Cut if needed for badly matted cats. See below for details.
Ear cleaning
Bathing/blow dry grooming if cat is cooperative

Please note about cat grooming: because I work alone, I am not able to assist cats who suffer from aggressive, fear-based biting.
I have come to believe that lion cuts are not best for the grooming needs of most cats.  I will give your cat one lion cut if needed for matting, but only if you will agree to a regular grooming schedule to prevent future matting. I cannot give a lion cut to a cat with severe, body-cast matting. I am also not able to shave a badly matted cat over the age of 10, as cat skin tissue becomes extremely fragile with age and can easily be torn when removing skin tight matting. This grooming should be done at a vet office for the safety of your cat. 
I recommend a diet with lots of meat (try baby food meat as an introductory food) to ensure the best health for your cat and it’s coat.

You may rest assured that I will treat you, your home and your dog or cat with utmost respect and care.

I do not mind if you wish to observe while I groom.
Please remember that I use sharp tools and that I must focus my full attention on your pet at all times to stay in tune with your dog’s/cat’s emotional needs.

For scheduling, I am flexible to meet your needs during weekdays. I prefer to work during the day, but can schedule evening hours if necessary. I generally cannot schedule weekend work.

I look forward to working with you and your pets. Please feel free to contact me with any additional questions or to set up an appointment.